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Good for you & the planet.

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Making everything by hand.

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‘The coffee shop is one of those spaces where everyone sits on a level playing field, in all honesty you never know who you might meet or what you might achieve with them.’

Kiln is a space that is built on this ethos of meeting, eating and chatting. We have always been proud to have a fantastically diverse range of people welcomed through our doors. Kiln is a place where everyone feels welcome and is free to be themselves.

You can even by a loaf of bread!


kiln is a cafe with a kitchen at its heart.

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0191 908 6034

for reservations over 20 please email


What! Christmas already!

If you’re a little lost then get into Kiln with a gift voucher! It’s a great way of discovering our restaurant & pottery. There’s so much to get into you don’t have to worry, you know this is a good gift! Order below with ease.

Vouchers are valid for 12 months from purchase & are to be used on one trip, no part refunds, and make sure you retain your proof of purchase. You can mix and match across the range, ceramics, food & bar.


Vouchers are a great way to introduce someone to kiln.

It’s a gift that never disappoints! You can use it on classes, supper clubs, ceramics, bar, cafe, restaurant, or towards something even more special.



Collaborations are our thing - Kiln x Jun

Handmade, passionate & hands on!

Our story.


Ceramics for everyone.

Off the self in store or online. Or bespoke for the kitchen table.

Our clients get Michelin Stars.

All of our full range design projects have secured Michelin Stars within their first year. With our first commission with the Forestside Grasmere and most recently delivering all the tableware for Simon Martin former Student of Noma &, now the man behind Manchesters first Michelin Star restaurant. Mana.

Contact to be part of the most exclusive design journey of hand made British design, with international collaboration.