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Here for you every day of the week. Hurricane, 3ft of snow, we are here! 10am-11pm MON-SUN


Ceramics are there to be used & enjoyed. We don’t like dusty things sitting around with no purpose. We only make stuff you can use & thats our philosophy!

Menu: made fresh.

Breakfast / Brunch 10am-4pm


Everything is made at Kiln! We don’t sell ready made things full of junk. We make home cooked style cakes & dinner that is just plain good for you! We really want to make things full of flavour that are cooked really simply, we are on a journey & after 2 years we are still only at the very beginning!

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Moon Jar by our master Korean potter Jun Rhee. The point of a moon jar is that you don’t try and make a perfect sphere. Its joined by making two large bowls, and the join is easily seen so you can explore how it has been made! Every view is slightly different, its an exploration of form & function.

QUIZ: every tues 8pm - free pizza & cash prizes. Written by us for you every week.

White Dip Mug

Hand thrown mug. Daily driver.

Silky soft satin glaze in White, partial dip on the outside to reveal the warm earthy stoneware beneath.

Handmade at Kiln. High fired stoneware.

8cm Diameter, 8.5 cm High

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We try and make things that are responsible to the environment. We one of the most environmentally friendly Kilns in the country & the UKs only Blaauw Kiln from Amsterdam.

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Voucher £30

A tasty brunch for two, some shiny new pots for your home, coffee out and a shiny new fruit bowl. However you want to mix it, Kiln vouchers make a perfect gift.

Please email if you’d like a voucher for a different amount.

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Oat White Platter 28cm

28cm Platter.

Shiny Oat White Glaze.

Hand thrown at Kiln. High fired Stoneware.

28cm Diameter.

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Kiln is a place to get something honest.

We’ve got our rough edges & thats the point! Doesn’t mean we don’t come to work and try our absolute best everyday!

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We use St. Martins coffee roasters in Leicester. A family business roasting top quality, traceable coffee. Get your caffeine kick from something good.

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East meets West Porcelain & Stoneware

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honestly if you all didn’t use and break pots now and then we’d be out of a job.



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