Little bit of info.

We started by taking on an old industrial unit in Newcastle upon Tyne, and it took some work to get to where we are now. We found ourselves in a brilliant position with Continental Chef Supplies who have supported us for the entire journey. We have had to think about every purchase, every decision and design everything ourself. There is no way we we could have done this without  all of the support we have had from everyone surrounding the project. 1265 Degrees North is really the very definition of invention & that ethos extends into our tableware. We try to use the latest ideas and technology while grounding ourselves fundamentally in tradition. It is tradition and 33,000 years of human invention that have create the humble bowl, plate & beaker. This is not something we should be messing with, the  design is already perfect. Instead we want to make the highest possible standard available. 

potteryRichard Cullen