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Tea Loose Leaf

First Flush Darjeeling

This first flush is harvested between mid-march following spring rains and it has a gentle very light colour.

Monkey Picked Oolong

Legend has it that Buddist Monks trained monkeys to pick and gather the leaves from the top of the tallest plants to make this semi-oxididsed tea. A delicate and complex oolong with orchid notes.

Russian Caravan

Russian Caravan Tea, is a blend of oolong, keemun & lapsang souchong. A full bodied tea eminating from China although the name originates from the 18th century camel caravans that carried traded goods from asia to europe.

Lemon and Ginger

Lemon & Ginger makes for a soothing, comfort drink. Very calming, perfect for a quiet time with a new book!

Chai Spice

This super chai spice tea is packed with cloves, cinnamon, and dark fruits with a black tea base.


Rooibos, translates to Red Bush. This plant is a member of the legume family growing in South Africa. The leaves are used to make a tisane which has been a popular tea in South Africa for generations. Rooibos is popular with the health concious as it contains antioxidants and is virtually caffeine free.

Jasmine with Flowers

Jasmine Tea is a scented tea that absorbs the aroma from the scent of jasmine flowers. This tea has a green tea base and so the taste is subtly sweet and very fragrant.

Strawberry and Kiwi

The strawberry & kiwi are best friends in this delicious fruity infusion. Deeply flavoursome, great to try if you fancy something different.

English Breakfast

The classic British tea, with a blend of Assam and Ceylon.

Nettle Herb

A great herbal tea, Nettle loose leaf tea offers a cleansing tonic for the whole body. Try serving with a dash of lemon or honey…delicious!

Yunnan Green

Easy drinking Yunnan Green loose leaf in a biodegradeable silk pyramid.

Earl Grey

This tea is blended with Bergamot to give it that distinctive flavour. Thought to be named after the 2nd Earl Grey, British Prime Minister in the 1830’s.

Chamomile Flower

Camomile flower tea is widely consumed around the world. This relaxing, calming brew is a lovely evening drink, for me it’s a real anxiety soother!

Mixed Red Berry

Our most popular fruit infusion, with a black tea base, packed full of aromatic red berries.

Marks Pepper Mint

Revitalising Peppermint loose leaf in a biodegradeable silk pyramid





flat white

long black





hot chocolate

LOCAL BEER - We regularly mix up our selection to keep things fresh


Our Brewery has come a fairly long way since our founding fathers John Boyle & Robin Leighton pawed over their first malt bills and recipes in a potting shed in the village of Wylam, Northumberland.

remain in light

11.9° Plato | OG 1048 | ABV 5.0% A Super Stacked Alpha Pale… a colossus of Citra, Simcoe, Chinook and Centennial submerged in a deep vapour steep followed by a late fermentation dry hop.

le saisonnier

12.9° Plato | OG 1052 | ABV 5.4% Lemon Balm & Rosemary Saison… A Belgian style saison brewed using a grist bill of Pilsner, Munich and a hint of Vienna malt.

puffing billy

jakehead ipa

14.3° Plato | OG 1058 | ABV 6.3% Supercharged India Pale Ale.... Rich/bright & amber/bronze with lots of American hop aroma. Distinctly bittersweet on the palate with a massive hop complexity fashioned deep within the IPA tradition.

sticky bud

14.3° Plato | OG 1058 | ABV 6.2% A Black Wit Beer… Deep , tawny, solid dark tones reveal a well balanced combination of wheaty tartness and luscious dark malts. Fresh limes, cassia bark and spice on the palate with a firm weizenbock clove finish.


Starting life in January 2012 amongst the rolling fields of the Northumberland countryside, our small team is dedicated to using only the finest ingredients to create increasingly forward thinking beers.

urban assault

Our 5% pale ale aims to lay waste to your palate with heavy notes of lemon, orange and passion fruit. Complete with a huge fruit aroma, bold bitter bite and medium body for maximum drinkability.

boot boys

sublime chaos

Our dark, voluptuous breakfast stout is infused with Ethiopian Guji natural coffee beans from Stafford based coffee roaster Hasbean. Velvety and vicious, it is balanced delicately with New Zealand hops.


A search to create uncompromising big, bold flavours.Almasty is a showcase for fresh, seasonally inspired ales from brewer Mark McGarry. The only constant is change.

mosaic IPA



northern Porter


Monument is a 4.1% copper coloured bitter. The carefully selected malt bill provides hints of caramel, which are perfectly balanced with the best English hops, giving notes of berry fruits.

summer Breeze


Brinkburn St Brewery was formed in January 2015 by founder Lee Renforth and we started brewing in September 2015, after a 9 month period of set-up and trial brewing where we obtained valuable help and support from Marble Beers of Manchester, Magic Rock of Huddersfield and Northern Alchemy in Byker, Newcastle.

byker Brown Ale

: 4.8% IBU: 20 Appearance: A dark brown ale/porter Malts: Maris Otter, biscuit and chocolate malt Smell: Malt and chocolate with a light floral aroma provided by the Cascade hops Hops: Herkules & Cascade leaf hops Taste: A balanced malty and hoppy brew with chocolate and biscuit notes leading to a subtle, hoppy finish. Mellow bitterness with floral notes leading to a chocolatey finish

byker Blonde

ABV: 4.0% IBU: 38 Appearance: A pale blonde ale Malts: Pale ale & Cara Gold Smell: Light and fruity with a citrusy zest. Hops: Cascade (both UK & US), Azacca (US) & Waimea (NZ)

canny Sculler II

ABV: 3.8% IBU: 26 Appearance: A light golden ale Malts: Pale Ale, Munich & Crystal with Torrified Wheat Smell: Stone fruit with a spicy hop aroma Hops: Cascade and Brewers Gold Leaf Taste: Stone fruit with a full malt body and biscuit finish. Comments: Canny Sculler II is a refreshing golden session ale with a full malt body combined with a pronounced spicy hop aroma derived from the continental Brewers Gold hops - "a decidedly moreish beer!"


A family company brewing small batch, flavourful beers with top quality all English ingredients, supporting English Hop and barley farmers.

iron in the Soul

shuggy Boat Blonde

ABV 3.8% OG 1039 A refreshing, blonde beer made with Challenger, Bramling Cross and Cascade English hops. Smooth, fresh and highly drinkable!

Get in the Spirit of things


The Classic Laddie


10 Years

The Glenlivet

Founders Reserve

Monkey Shoulder

Jameson Irish Whisky

Chivas Regal

18 Years

Chivas Regal

12 Years

Martell VSOP

Jack Daniels


Rock Rose Premium Scottish Gin

Hepple Gin -Local

Forest Gin

Monkey 47

Dry Gin

Beefeater 24

Plymouth Gin



Grey Goose


Absolut Elyx



Goslings Black Seal

Havana Club 7

Havana Club Especial

Havana Club 3 White

Kraken Spiced Rum

Lambs Navy Rum


Martini Bianco

Martini Rosso

Punt E Mes



Lillet Serve Tres Frais

Altos Olmeca

Altos Blanco

Luxardo Sambuca Passione Nera

Luxardo Sambuca Dei Cesari


Herbes De Mallorca


Baileys Original

Bols Cacao brown


Wine Red


La linda Malbec



Monterey Bay

Wine White

Waddling Duck Sauvignon Blanc

Azabache White Rioja

Prosecco Zonin

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